ETL Foundation
Corporate Social Responsibility at ETL (Pty) Ltd begins with empowering people in the immediate area of Engineering and the related Built Environment sectors, but it doesn’t end there. We recognise that business success is deeply linked to society’s progress. Our investments in communities - developed in partnership with those communities, also are investments in the long-term success of ETL (Pty) Ltd. This approach delivers mutual benefit and shared progress.

Asogan Pillay is the Chairman of the ETL Foundation. He has focused much of his energy towards contributing to the less privileged. Under his Leadership we have made community investments in the three areas that we believe are the foundation of working societies the world over - health, education and economic development.

Our investments in education can strengthen communities. As part of our Bursary Initiative, for example, we’ve teamed up with a leading educational institution to create opportunities for deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing financial aid for these students to complete their studies in Engineering.

This is a typical example of ETL’s approach to meaningfully plough back to the communities we work in. It is also envisioned that through our commitment to education, entrepreneurs such as those that have emanated from the ETL breeding ground will ultimately contribute economically to society as a whole. Our investments in health focus on institutions dealing with the treatment for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, which are critical economic and public health challenges in many parts of the world.

In short we are proud to plough back into our communities, and will continue to do so with unwavering commitment, by initiatives such as Bursaries, Building of Classrooms, support to Orphanages, Anti-Drug campaigns, Religious Organisations, Community Centres and in general deserving causes that contributes in our small way to a society that delivers on a Better Life for All.