KZN Archives Repository
The Province of KwaZulu-Natal is experiencing a problem with the residence of Archives. Currently the Province’s archives are scattered among repositories in Pietermaritzburg, Ulundi and Durban. This is not only hampering research, but it is also impacting the provision of equitable access to information as users frequently have to travel to more than one facility to locate the required information. Therefore KZN Provincial Government endorsed the Centralization of Provincial Archives Repository.
Asogan Pillay
The Province’s Archives Service operates according to the following three main functions:
• Records Management: deals with the management of records by client offices-classification system plans, inspections, training of client office staff and disposal (destruction of transfer to a repository)
•  Oral History Unit: the collections of oral history in order to record the history that has not been documented
• Repository Management: repositories in Ulundi, Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Permanently valuable archivalia are stored in carefully controlled conditions to ensure their preservation, Archivists arrange and describe the archives groups to create finding aids, and each repository operates a reading room service where any member of the public can get professional guidance to identify and access information from the holdings. The service also do outreach programs to make public aware of their heritage.
The decisions by Provincial Cabinet to endorse the development of the facility has resulted in the commissioning of a Pre-feasibility study being conducted for the provision of a Provincial Archives Repository.
Hence this project: The appointment of resources ETL (Pty) Ltd to assist with the feasibility study for the KZN Provincial Archivers Repository with the provision of a Project Manager, Traffic Engineer, Structural Engineer, Town Planner, Geotechnical Engineer and Environmental Specialist.
Estimated Total Project Value:
Project Start Date:
Project Completion Date:
R500 Million
October 2017
February 2018
Dave Hawksworth