ETL is a leading professional services provider delivering a diverse range of engineering and related services across the African Continent. We are focused on collectively providing integrated services and delivering quality engineering solutions to meet our client’s needs.

ETL is 100% Black owned and prides itself on the strength of highly qualified and experienced professionals supported by a highly strategic management team. We are BBBEE Level 1 Certified, ISO 9001 Certified as well as a member of the Green Building Council.
There is an ever increasing demand by clients to seek a complete suite of services from their built environment professional. As a complete and holistic service provider, in response to this clarion call by our valued clients, ETL offers Architectural design excellence as a core element to our range of services.

Our team’s design skills are tempered with our determination to consistently and sincerely deliver a quality product within the financial and time restraints of the client’s brief with a strong regard for environmental issues. Each and every appointment is regarded as a singular opportunity to achieve design ingenuity - converting problems into opportunities and opportunities into reality.

We avoid irresponsible (aesthetic) novelty, focusing instead on creative design solutions, sometimes borrowing and adapting successful solutions from the past. In this way we strive to design places, spaces and environments that offer the end users quality deliverables that add value to the final objective.

As professionals we have a dual responsibility, firstly to our clients we serve, and ultimately to the public domain, thus serving the many users of our designs. Each new project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally, not only to meet the projects initial objectives, but to carry forward a rewarding future experience for all users.


ETL boasts an expert Infrastructure Asset Management unit which prides itself in supporting our clients with proven strategies to provide the desired level of service to their current and future constituencies in the most cost effective, sustainable and measurable manner.


Our strategies span the entire spectrum, including:

  • Asset identification and classification
  • Asset condition assessment
  • Level of service determination and Demand management
  • Failure mode identification
  • Risk identification and risk mitigation strategies
  • Asset accounting
  • GRAP 17 Compliance and
  • Asset Management plans compilation and GIS linkageWe use web based IAM software that can is easily be customized to our client’s needs and do not require annually renewable licenses.


The ETL Team provides continuous support through our continuous improvement and capacity building program. In addition, we also offer accredited Infrastructure Asset Management training in collaboration with our partners such as the Institute of Municipal Engineers of Southern Africa (IMESA). Courses include the full list as provided by IMESA and can be offered on site if required.


We look after your assets so you can look after your strategic goals.


ETL provides integrated solutions in all spheres of engineering. Our Electrical and Mechanical departments provide specialist services in planning, design, bidding, and construction through to project closeout, our in-house (one stop shop) resources and capabilities provide cost-effective solutions for all aspects of the project.


Electrical Engineering services:

  • Electrical building installations
  • Industrial, substations and specialised works
  • Electrical reticulation
  • Project and contract management
  • Water and wastewater projects


Mechanical Engineering services:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Fire protection
  • Lifts
  • Pumping, steam and industrial installations
  • Acoustic engineering
  • Project and contract management
  • Water and wastewater projects


Our team of energy consultants and project managers specialise in delivering sustainable energy solutions that are guaranteed to improve our client’s profitability.


ETL currently provides energy solutions throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Our team of energy experts and planners comprises professional mechanical, electrical and civil engineers in the main.


Our aim is to harness these skills & experience to develop projects with strong value propositions for our clientele that utilise sustainable energy - energy that is clean, accessible and efficient thus conserving our natural resources, preserving the environment and promoting socio-economic development.


Our Consultancy Services include comprehensive strategies for the implementation of sustainable gas and renewable energy solutions.



  • Energy auditing, profiling & management
  • Turnkey energy efficiency interventions
  • Business case modelling & feasibility studies
  • Technical advisory & project management
  • Design, risk & performance management
  • Turnkey renewable energy solutions, such as solar water heating, rooftop solar PV and IPP projects
  • Innovative access to energy solutions


ETL provides these unique and world-class alternative energy solutions through three strong ETL energy capacities: Its own staff, its anchoring within the ETL Departments, strategic partnerships with key national partners and with international energy partners.



  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Project financing
  • Positive cash flows
  • Vendor independence
  • New upgraded equipment
  • Facilitate access to incentives
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Long term partnerships


ETL is a leading and trusted service provider in the environmental sector with international experience and holistic green building, architectural, engineering and environmental specialists, focused on meaningfully linking sustainability, client expectations and the bottom line. Our team is committed to personal service through passionate, highly skilled and reliable expertise.


Working closely with a trusted and accredited professional network of leading specialists, we ensure that a wealth of knowledge and innovation is brought to each customer experience, driven through belief, passion and dedication to sustainable development and the satisfaction of providing service excellence in a modern business environment, first time, on time, every time! ETL provides the following professional environmental services:


Environmental Impact Assessments:

  • Environmental impact assessments (bar/scoping/eia)
  • Section 24g rectification applications
  • Section 28 duty of care applications
  • Waste license applications (nemwa)
  • Water use license applications (nwa)


Environmental Management and Auditing:

  • Customised Environmental Management Programmes
  • Environmental Screening Assessments / Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Site Compliance And Auditing In Conjunction With Legal Partner Companies
  • Supply of independent Environmental Control Officers(ECO’s)



ETL provides a comprehensive range of land survey services such as property boundary, sectional title, engineering, industrial, mapping, construction and mining surveys.


The following focused approach allows the team to deliver quality results to our array of clients:

  • Spatial Information: At ETL we believe good spatial information leads to superior planning, diminished project risks, improved feasibility assessments and efficient resource utilisation
  • Process: To achieve this ETL utilises a combination of a talented team, up to date technology, internationally acknowledged best practice methodologies, collaborative solutions and  continued learning.
  • Solution: collection of accurate, quality Geo-Spatial data and conversion into intelligence that informs our clients towards cost effective and sustainable solutions.
  • Quality Services: The team provides property, topographic mapping, engineering, construction, mining and industrial surveying services of the highest calibre in an attentive, professional, timeous and value added manner.


ETL's Municipal Engineering Division provides quality engineering services for municipal, provincial, and national departments as well as private sector clients. Our professional team of engineer’s and project managers have vast experience working with these entities.


This includes site development, greenfield and brownfield design and rehabilitation of utility infrastructure, roadways, public facilities, and electrical reticulation to name a few. From planning, design, bidding, and construction through project closeout, our in-house (one stop shop) resources and capabilities provide cost-effective solutions for all aspects of the project.


In addition we perform due diligence, red flag and feasibility studies, right-of-way development, detailed design, maintenance of traffic, storm water pollution prevention plans, water quality measures and more.


Municipal Engineering categories include:

  • Feasibility studies and master plans
  • Site/civil development (civil and electrical reticulation)
  • Stormwater management
  • Local transportation
  • Water and wastewater services


ETL provides a complete range of Project Management Unit (PMU) Services ensuring that complex multi-disciplinary projects/ programs are delivered within budget and time limitations, in accordance with technical specifications, and in fulfilment of project objectives.


Though responsibilities vary depending on the type of assignment, they usually include:

  • Planning project activities, tasks, and end results, including work breakdown schedules, project programs, budgeting, coordinating tasks, and allocating resources
  • Selecting and organizing the project team
  • Interfacing with stakeholders
  • Integrating project team and stakeholders
  • Optimally engaging project team and client personnel
  • Monitoring project status
  • Identifying technical and functional problems
  • Solving problems directly or identifying expert specialist support
  • Dealing with crises and resolving conflicts
  • Recommending termination or redirection of efforts when objectives cannot be achieved


ETL boasts experienced and highly qualified professionals knowledgably in applying PMBoK and Prince2 principles in all projects or programs. We have also developed easy to use software to apply in any Project Control Office.


ETL has recently extended its range of services to encompass the ever growing need for private sector to partner with government in a constructive and progressive manner that facilitates growth and development. At ETL we are committed to enhancing our client’s position throughout every stage of project development, this includes providing funding solutions to infrastructure projects needing to be implemented today, whilst responsibly managing the MTEF process.


We believe that our clients make the best project financing decisions based on a thorough understanding of all financial and technical aspects of a proposed project, and that it is our role to develop this understanding in a manner that can be interpreted by both the technician and the layman. ETL employs a broad range of technical capabilities and our highly experienced professional team guarantees our clients that every endeavour will be made to ensure a successful outcome.


Through the partnering of reputable financial institutions, both local and international, ETL has positioned itself to provide much needed support to our clients with the objective of fast tracking service delivery.


ETL provides services in financing relating to the following sectors:

  • Roads
  • Rail
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Water and Waste Water Infrastructure
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Urban Transport
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Renewable Energy


Project Management service offerings is often a core requirement from clients. ETL boasts significant academic vigour and proven experience in this field and is able to offer all clients the wealth of this experience. The project management team is dedicated to delivering projects based on the clients specifications, within schedule and for the agreed cost.


Project Management is the science of :

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Controlling
  • Closing


Range of Services:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • Total Project Management Office Support (from software development to experienced professionals)


It is ETL's fundamental responsibility to ensure that the goals and desired outcomes of a project are achieved. This is achieved through careful planning and organisation, and by co-ordinating and controlling all of the activities relating to a project. ETL will, for example, draft a schedule for the project, select the best available project team to carry out the project, draft and manage a project charter, budget, acquire the necessary resources, and assign tasks to the project team members.


ETL ensures our valued clients timeous communication on progress of their projects. All lessons learned will be shared with stakeholders at the close out meeting. ETL employs a team of professionally accredited and highly skilled Project Managers with abilities to deliver complex and high profile projects across the globe.


By appointing ETL our valued clients are assured of engaging an experienced team with integrity; committed to service excellence as well as reducing project cost overrun risks. Whatever the nature or special challenges of a project, we remain focused on correct and precise financial and cost control measures, ensuring projects are delivered within approved budgets.


Our range of services include:

  • Quantity surveying services
  • Estimating & costing services
  • Contract services
  • Cost management
  • Contract administration services


Our team of highly experienced Quantity Surveyors afford our clients:

  • A versatile service, orientated to the client and project needs Sound management skills and effective operations
  • A flexible approach to the allocation of resources to projects
  • The establishment of a comprehensive database
  • An accommodating approach that promotes and ensures client satisfaction


A commitment is made by the ETL team to ensure:

  • Dynamic involvement as a leading member of the consulting team
  • Integrity in all dealings
  • Expertise, experience and professionalism
  • The provision of services tailored to project requirements


The World’s economic development is dependent on the efficient movement of people and goods. To this end road infrastructure forms the backbone of any successful economy.


ETL’s Roads and Highways Division provides a comprehensive range of services that combine traditional consulting services such as design, procurement and contract supervision with innovative Public Private Partnerships (PPPS) and Asset Management Services.


As a leader in the planning, design, delivery and maintenance of road infrastructure, ETL has professionals specialising in the core aspects of roads and highways spectrum of all types of road infrastructure - from rural access roads to complex freeways, toll roads and system interchanges.


ETL’s range of services include:

  • Urban and rural road planning and design
  • Geometric design
  • Bridge planning and design
  • Bridge rehabilitation
  • Bridge management systems
  • Structural engineering
  • Pavement and rehabilitation design
  • Pavement management systems
  • Stormwater management systems
  • Procurement and construction supervision
  • Project management
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Materials and borrowpit investigations and studies
  • Bridge inspections
  • Route determination
  • Roadmarkings and signage
  • Visual assessments
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP’s) project
  • Traffic accommodation designs
  • Road traffic safety Audits


Bridges and Civil Structures ETL is a leading provider of bridge and civil structures engineering services. Our team has experience in all forms of bridge design, including large span bridges, rail and road bridges, bridges for cyclists and pedestrians, and specialist civil structures for transport projects such as culverts, retaining walls, cut and cover tunnels and sign gantries.


ETL also has significant experience in bridge asset management, including bridge management systems, inspections and design for rehabilitation and strengthening. We have strong capability in the design of temporary works for the construction of bridges and related structures.


Our professionals have built a reputation on dedication, a strong commitment to technology and a focus on continually challenging our thinking to providing a better service to our clients.


Building Structures

Our clients’ needs places great demands and importance on efficient design of structures, be it an airport terminal, high-rise apartments or hospitals. We respond by improving the structural performance of our designs in ways that meet clients’ goals.


ETL has advanced the use of 3D building modelling to design and test structural solutions virtually. Hence, using building modelling to make any structure the best it can be.


Virtual modelling helps engineers, architects and clients see how all components of a design work together. Whilst optimising structural efficiency, our professional team can also overlay the critical factors of cost and time to understand the implications of choices (form and materials, for instance) for project viability and sustainability.


Embracing sustainability is an important part of ETL’s integrated design approach. Through optimising structural form, material consumption, efficiency of construction, and considering life cycle costs, environmental and economic outcomes are realised.


The Town planning department within ETL offers a vibrant and innovative outlook by providing a full range of town planning related services to the public and private sector.


Our Town Planning Department offers the following expertise within the Town Planning profession:


Land use Management

  • Rezoning Applications
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Consolidation Applications
  • Consent Use Applications
  • Permission Applications
  • Township Establishment Applications
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Deed Conditions
  • Legal Advice
  • Planning Tribunals


Property Development

  • Township Layouts and Site Planning
  • Feasibility/Due Diligence Investigations and Studies
  • Development Risk Assessments
  • Site Clearance


Urban Design

  • Urban Design Frameworks
  • Precinct Plans


Spatial Planning

  • Local, Regional and Metropolitan Spatial Development Frameworks
  • Housing Development Framework


ETL has a team of Traffic Engineering Specialists that uses engineering techniques to achieve the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on road infrastructure. We focus mainly on research, design and implementation of safe and efficient traffic flow, such as road geometry, sidewalks and crosswalks, segregated cycle facilities, shared lane marking, traffic signs, road surface markings and traffic lights.


Traffic flow management can be short-term (preparing construction traffic control plans, including detour plans for pedestrian and vehicular traffic) or long-term (estimating the impacts of proposed commercial developments on traffic patterns). Increasingly, traffic problems are being addressed by developing systems for intelligent transportation systems, often in conjunction with other engineering disciplines, such as computer engineering and electrical engineering.


Typical traffic engineering projects that our team has worked on involve designing traffic control devices, installations and modifications, including traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings. However, we also consider traffic safety by investigating locations with high crash rates and developing countermeasures to reduce crashes.


Our Range of Services include:

  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Design of traffic signals and associated strategies
  • Corridor traffic studies
  • Parking layout designs
  • Pedestrian facility assessments
  • Traffic calming investigations
  • Road sign assessments and design
  • Road network planning
  • Public transport planning
  • Design of public transport facilities
  • Road Traffic Safety Audits


South Africa is a country where water scarcity is forcing innovative water engineering solutions which ranges from water conservation and water demand management, storage, treatment and distribution, to treatment and re-use or discharge as well as creating energy from waste.


ETL provides a complete range of professional services including bulk water & sanitation services; link and internal water and sewer reticulation systems; pump stations; water and sewer treatment works; stormwater; water reticulation models; master planning; irrigation, desalination as well as a range of feasibility studies. One of the key aspects that is considered during the planning and design of any project is the operational and maintenance requirements of the proposed services as well as the available institutional capacity and level of skill that will operate and maintain the implemented infrastructure.


With regard to Water and wastewater treatment, ETL’s process engineering capabilities encompass all aspects of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment, as well as recycled water. In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of investigations, from feasibility studies through to detailed design of treatment plants, asset management and operations assistance.


ETL offers the following range of services:

  • Water and sanitation planning and resource management
  • Water and Wastewater treatment plant design
  • Pipeline design
  • Master planning
  • Water and sanitation system network analysis
  • Process engineering