Asset Management - Training

ETL is proud to be associated with the Infrastructure Asset Management training program of the Institute of Municipal Engineers of Southern Africa (IMESA) through our CEO, Mr. Moses Maliba. In this program ETL, through a contract with IMESA, offers training to various municipalities and government departments. The offered training is accredited and in line with the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and all related courses that the institute provides. The most popular of these courses include:

  • 10 steps to developing an asset register,
  • GRAP 17 Compliance and
  • Infrastructure Asset Management, a 4 Day Course


The intended benefits of this program include but are not limited to the following:

  • Standardised asset reporting and componentisation
  • Determine and quantify asset condition and impairment of infrastructure of assets
  • Develop asset maintenance budgets for a three to five year cycle
  • Carry out long term planning relating to cost of replacing infrastructure assets
  • Prioritise the maintenance of infrastructure
  • Generate own Asset Management Plans and compliance with the GRAP 17 requirements


ETL will also assist municipalities to use the Innovative Asset Management methodology (software) developed by IMESA. It will assist with the capture of all data required to generate GRAP 17 registers and apply this information to improving their long term asset management and maintenance planning. The data is hosted by IMESA but is accessible to the municipality 24 hours a day. An added advantage of the system is that it is offered free of charge, with no limit to the number of users within each municipality. The only charge will be a nominal monthly maintenance and hosting fee payable to IMESA. ETL will only charge for the normal professional services fee for the physical work of data collection, analysis, GRAP 17 reporting and development of an Asset Register and Asset Management

Plan for the municipality.


In order to implement this system the municipality would be required to provide basic information with regards to their asset data such as the existing infrastructure, asset number in the financial system, type of asset and date of acquisition/construction and asset location (GIS). If, however, this information is not available it can be collected on site.


ETL has the requisite personnel to develop the asset register for any municipality in South Africa and will partner with the best professionals in the field. We are currently engaged in a number of partnership projects with other professional service providers in this field and are doing exceptionally well.