Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network - Tembisa

The Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (IRPTN) project is located in the Northern Region of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. The works that are being undertaken consists mainly of upgrading and widening of existing roads, paving and associated works to intersections, construction of bus stops and associated infrastructure for the Ekurhuleni IRPTN. The Employer to the contractors is Development Bank of Southern Africa and City of Ekurhuleni is the End-User Employer.

This project had been conducted in three (3) feeders, which have been procured under separate contractors.


The Works included in the project generally consist of:

Accommodation of existing traffic including provision of temporary traffic control facilities as well as maintaining temporary deviations.

General site works

Breaking up and removal of existing asphalt roads, kerbs, paving blocks, brick structures, culverts, etc.

New Works such as Paving, Asphalt etc

Stormwater Drainage.


The Employer’s objectives for this project are:

To deliver public infrastructure using labour-intensive methods where possible as required by the Expanded Public Works Programme.

To provide temporal employment opportunities to local unemployed residents.

To provide training skills to develop unemployed residents.


The board of Glad Africa Project Engineers appointed ETL Consulting (Pty) Ltd as a sub-consultant for the Design, Review and Construction Supervision stage 5 and 6 for the City of Ekurhuleni IRPTN project.


Local labourers had been utilised significantly and the contractors ensured that transfer of skills are initiated by using local subcontractors on site, thus assisted to alleviate poverty.