Lethabong Mixed Housing

The Gauteng Human Settlements Mega Projects are located within the strategic framework of integrated development and represent the actualization of the social and economic imperatives that seeks to proactively promote the establishment of socially and economically mixed integrated sustainable human settlements with a sense of neighbourhood living environment to address poverty alleviation and economic decline. The Lethabong Mixed Typoplogy Housing Development is one of the Mega Projects identified by the Department in its drive towards building post-apartheid cities.


Mega Projects further solidify the imperatives of the Breaking New Ground strategy to foster vibrant property markets that work to the benefit of all.


The Lethabong project is a combination of Greenfields and in-situ upgrading, aimed at accommodating qualifying beneficiaries on the Provincial Demand Data Base, living in the Sebokeng area. This is a turnkey development and in total the portions of land will accommodate about 2,888 stands. Lethabong is situated along the Houtkop Road, a stone’s throw away from Naledi Nkanyezi Hospital at Sebokeng in the Vaal Area.


Upon completion the housing development will yield the following assets for Sedibeng District Municipality; Houses, High Schools, Primary Schools, Churches, Creches, Clinics, Roads and Storm Water, Fire Station, Filling/Service Stations and Shopping Centers. This project will also boast socio-economic amenities in line with the developing livable cities where residents are able to work, live and play in the form public transport facilities, business sites, social amenities, etc.


The board of Setsquare Developers appointed ETL as Project Managers on this mega development which is anticipated to be completed in the year 2020.

The Estimated Total Project Value for Phase 1 is R 328 801 312.00 which entails the following:

  • Construction of Bulk Infrastructure
  • Installation of Water, Sewer, Roads and Storm Water infrastructure for 1,558 stands
  • Construction of 1,558 Top Structure for beneficiaries who qualify for government housing subsidy


Local labourers will be utilised significantly and the contractor will ensure that transfer of skills are initiated by using local subcontractors on site as far as possible, thus assisting  to alleviate poverty.