Magalies Water

The Magalies Water Board has embarked on a massive program of upgrading and refurbishing water infrastructure in its area of supply. The Water Board, has engaged various professional service providers to assist them with the planning, design and implementation of this upgrade.


Most of the water infrastructure in the area is ageing and dilapidated and requires urgent attention to keep it functional and to ensure the services to the affected communities are uninterrupted. Two water treatment plants were identified as needing urgent refurbishment and upgrading namely: Cullinan Water Treatment Plant and Wallmannsthal Water Treatment Plant. Both these projects are unique in that the work must be executed while the plants are in operation and there should be no shut downs, water shortages or disruption. Initial suggestions indicated that the plants were not delivering the required volume or quality of water, making expansion the solution.


ETL through our specialist water purification and treatment team conducted extensive tests on site and in the laboratory to determine the raw water quality before engaging in the design of the process of effective treatment of the water. The water source was found to have certain quality problems, requiring it to first be treated and only then focusing on the water within the treatment facilities. The work is currently underway and various design options are being evaluated. The ultimate aim is to deliver an innovative solution that will once again demonstrate to our clients our commitment to resolving the issues unique to these plants and going beyond a text book ‘one size fits all’ solution. ETL is committed to making advances in solving traditional problems by challenging conventional approaches in all possible instances to bring about improved and innovative solutions.