Peacehaven Housing

Housing provision for all in any country is very crucial in order to ensure social-economic stability and to promote national development. To most individuals housing represents the largest single investment item of a lifetime. This is especially true as family incomes increase and housing is viewed less as a basic consumption and more as a key to a secure future.


Developing countries have learned that the provision of decent housing for all cannot be left to the play of the market forces alone. Whereas the well-to-do few have no trouble in obtaining comfortable homes, the majority of families go without adequate housing and related facilities. Therefore, this project was found necessary to intervene in the production of housing.


ETL (Pty) Ltd was appointed to do design and inspections of the foundations constructed on Finsbury Phase 1 and certify that the foundations have been constructed as per the design and specifications and that the preparation of the formwork, and the concrete compaction is done correctly with no segregation happening.


ETL (Pty) Ltd also checked the construction of the top structure and the roof as well as the plumbing of all the units in FINSBURY - Phase 1, alongside Lyon and Partners (Pty) Ltd., who executed the electrical design, reticulation and installations. All the designs and quality compliance checks are done in order to align the teams with the sustainable human settlements requirements, such as:

  • Access to adequate accommodation.
  • Access to basic services.
  • Security to tenure irrespective of ownership or rental, formal or informal structure.
  • Access to social services and economic opportunities within reasonable distance

Most areas close to townships, known as “no - man’s land” that were used as buffer zones to separate black townships from white areas are now being eradicated. The land is being used for development of housing with occupants being moved closer to the cities, in line with the Department of Human Settlement’s policies relating to integrated mixed income development.


ETL is proud to play its role in positively changing the South African landscape.